– Trusco Trueline Model T-2000 Motorized Parking Lot Striper

The Trueline T-2000 is Trusco’s top of the line paint striper.  This model is powered by a Honda engine and comes from the factory with airless striping and a built in air atomized hand gun that is great for spraying bumpers, stencils, handicap logos and almost anything else. This capability allows you to stripe a line and then spray an arrow without having to reconfigure the machine.  Like all the Trueline models, the T2000 is dependable and stays on the job and not in the shop. If it ever needs repair you can normally take care of it yourself.  No need for expensive repair bills.

The T2000-5 is a 5 gallon machine and is the more popular unit.  It comes with a swivel (lockable) rear wheel which allows you to easily stripe sharp curves in parking lot or on roads. The T2000-10 is the 10 gallon machine and is normally sold to companies who will be striping roads, airports or other large jobs.  It comes in a 4 wheel model only. Both self contained units are great for companies that need to be able to stripe anywhere. You can order online below or call me at 850-934-3157.

T2000-5 (5 gallon) – $2,995 plus shipping. Click below to order.

T2000-10 (10 gallon) – $3,395 plus shipping. Call 850-934-3157 to order.

When you buy through us you will receive our “Stripe-Calc” parking lot striping / sealcoating pricing program plus our marketing guide as well as technical and business assistance all at no cost to you.

To use the machine you simply crank the Honda engine and pressurize the main tanks and the paint tank.  Then you can shut off the engine and begin striping.  This allows you to stripe with no noise and no fumes which is important for indoor striping in factories or warehouses. One charge on the compressor tanks will spray 5 gallons of paint.  A gallon of gasoline will allow you to stripe all day. This is a very low maintenance machine with very few moving parts to break. Units are in stock for quick delivery.

Once nice feature of this machine is the fact that you can use the air pressure from the unit to power anything that runs off of compressed air such as a small hand sprayer for painting stencils.  Also, like all the Trueline stripers, the unit is very quiet while striping.


  • Pneumatic Drill and Power Mixing Paddle for mixing the paint.
  • Welded Angle Iron Steel Frame with 5/8″ solid steel axles.
  • 10″ pneumatic tires, heavy duty steel hub, steel ball bearings, load rating 100 lbs. each.
  • Commercial quality Shut-off valve, spring loaded for instant control.
  • Regulator with dual 160 psi guages. One shows the amount of air pressure in the Reserve Air Pressure Tanks and the other for operating pressure.
  • Drain valve/hose makes clean-up a quick, clean job.
  • Box Lift Lever assembly raises and lowers spray box.
  • Heavy gauge steel Spray Box, fixed width for precision lines.
  • All steel parts have a baked on powder coating.
  • Alumininum hand control, stainless steel cable.
  • Guide line pointer, helps you stripe a perfect straight line.
  • 9″, 8 quart galvanized steel funnel with fine mesh nylon strainer bags.
  • Tank Brush to clean inside of paint tank.
  • Parking Brake locks wheels tight in rolling terrain.
  • Viscometer to measure paint thickness.
  • Extra Spray Tips for heavier coverage and faster production.
  • Tip cleaning brush.
  • Brass and Stainless Steel Fittings.

Comes 98% assembled. Within 30 minutes you are ready to stripe!