– Trusco Trueline Model 20 Pump Up 4 Gallon Striper

– Trusco Trueline Model 20 Pump Up 4 Gallon Striper

The Trueline 4 gallon pump up striper is an easy to use factory floor, parking lot or field striper. We recommend this unit to our customers who want to stripe their own factory floors or parking lots and are on a budget. The Model 20 Paint / Parking Lot striper is very simple and virtually trouble free. The striper comes with a 4″ stripe box. To do wider lines you simply create multiple lines side by side. Units are in stock for quick delivery. Order below online or call 850-934-3157.

Price – $695 plus shipping.  Click below to order the standard machine.

You can also order the “Model 20 PLUS” This model includes an air valve and a safety relief valve. (see picture at bottom of page)  This allows you to fill the machine with compressed air from an external tank or compressor.  The valve is just like the one on a car or bicycle tire. This gives you the option of either pumping by hand for air pressure or using an external air source. The relief valve keeps you from over pressurizing  the tank. There is a picture of the additional attachment at the bottom of this page. 

Price – $750 plus shipping. Click below to order the Model 20 PLUS with the additional air valve setup.

When you buy through us you will also receive our “Stripe-Calc” parking lot striping / sealcoating pricing program plus our marketing guide as well as technical and business assistance all at no cost to you.

  • Specifications:
  • Welded Angle Iron Steel Frame with 1/2″ solid steel axles.
  • 8″ x 1.75″, solid rubber tires.
  • Commercial quality Shut-off valve, spring loaded for instant control.
  • All steel parts have a baked on powder coating.
  • Alumininum hand control, stainless steel cable.
  • Guide line pointer, helps you stripe a perfect straight line.
  • 60 psi gauge to show amount of pressure in the tank.
  • Heavy gauge steel Spray Box, fixed width for precision lines.
  • 9″, 8 quart galvanized steel funnel with fine mesh nylon strainer bags.
  • Viscometer to measure paint thickness.
  • Inline check valve strainer/ made of stainless steel and brass. Catches any particles in the paint and also stops paint flow instantly at the spray tip.
  • Tip cleaning brush.
  • Brass and Stainless Steel Fittings.
  • Comes 98% assembled. Within 30 minutes you are ready to stripe!
Optional Air Fitting and Relief Valve